Meet Dr. Michael Frazetta

Dr. Michael Frazetta has been a wellness pioneer in Sarver and surrounding communities for more than 27 years. He is a highly skilled practitioner and diplomate of the Gonstead method of chiropractic, a discipline that focuses on whole body wellness and unique adjustment techniques.

Born and raised in New York but a Pittsburgher since 1993, Dr. Mike earned a B.S. degree from Cornell University (1986) and graduated magna cum laude with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Atlanta's Life Chiropractic College (1992).

Since that time, he has continued to expand his knowledge on health, wellness and chiropractic and has taught Gonstead techniques to doctors and students at schools around the country.

A Conversation with Dr. Mike

What is the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic?

Dr. Gonstead developed his system during his 50 years in practice and schools today still teach the core, but not the complete system. The technique requires literally thousands of additional hours of training and study, so few chiropractic students pursue it to completion.

In fact, there are only about ten Gonstead practitioners in the Pittsburgh area and less than a thousand worldwide.

It is a whole body approach to patient care that focuses on identifying and correcting the underlying source of pain and illness. This method of spinal adjustment is very comfortable, safe and gentle, which patients really appreciate.

How does that vary from standard chiropractic methods?

First, this method focuses on identifying the underlying problem, not simply addressing a symptom and providing a bandaid solution.This type of analysis requires a high degree of skill, education and experience and is a critical element of patient care as a Gonstead practioner.

Secondly, a Gonstead chiropractic treatment is a precision-oriented, highly skilled adjustment that is a specifically controlled movement of an isolated area of the spine. It is not a random thrusting of the spine.

These precise, gentle adjustments are comfortable for the body to accept, which is better for long term healing.Working on the right bone, with the right amount of pressure at the right time produces unbelievable results.

Do you feel that everyone, even those who are pain-free, needs a chiropractic checkup?

Absolutely! The amount of stress, pressure and wear on the spine from normal, every day living is incredible. Similar to a dental check-up or an annual physical, a chiropractic check-up is important to detect potential problems that could lead to future pain, debilitation, injury or illness.The focus is not to correct symptoms, but to avoid them in the first place by helping people achieve and maintain optimal physical, mental and social well-being.

What about people, and there are many, who fear chiropractic treatment?

I have never had a patient leave here and say that it was too rough or too much to handle. These adjustments are gentle, precise and comfortable, even for babies and children.

Beyond adjustments, what other services do you offer at your practice?

We have staff educated and trained in various nutritional and wellness areas.Our staff works with patients to identify nutritional deficiencies, recommend natural supplements, and develop nutrition and exercise programs.

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