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Frazetta Chiropractic Wellness Center [Summer 2010]

PGA Golfer Justin Rose-His Health & His Game Have Never Been Better

Justin_Rose_Trophy_Image.jpgI love to play and watch golf, but witnessing one of my patients win an important PGA event is just an indescribable experience," says Dr. Mike referring to pro golfer Justin Rose.

Rose, currently ranked fifth among world's top 100 golfers, has been working with Dr. Frazetta since preparing for the U.S. Open in Oakmont in 2007.   At that time, the England-born golf phenom was thousands of miles away from his own chiropractor, world-renowned Dr. Antoni Jakubowski, and looking for a local Gonstead-trained practitioner who could treat his injured back and keep him loose and limber for the notoriously brutal course at Oakmont.

After some conversations via email, Dr. Frazetta met Justin weeks before the Open; he ultimately finished 10th.

Despite winning five tournaments around the world since he burst onto the pro golf scene as the age of 18, Justin, until recently, was unable to secure a victory on American soil.

Perhaps no one in Pittsburgh was more excited than Dr. Frazetta when Justin celebrated his first U.S. championship at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, OH, this past June, after roaring back from a four-stroke deficit. Even more impressive was that he followed up with another victory just two weeks later at the AT&T National in Newton Square, PA. 

As a member of his chiropractic team who helped him overcome a serious back injury that had been
hindering his game for years, Dr. Mike was relieved and overjoyed.

 "Unlike previous years, Justin hasn't needed to take time off to rest between tournaments, which really impacts your earnings and rankings. He's staying in shape, keeping up with adjustments and playing great golf. It's been a joy to witness," admits Dr. Mike, of his friend who now holds fourth place in the prestigious FedEx Cup standings, behind Ernie Els, Steve Stricker and Pennsylvania native, Jim Furyk.

Because of the repetitive motion and unnatural angle of a good swing, golfers and chiropractors are an ideal match.

 "Of course, I have one professional golfer, but many recreational golfers as patients.  No matter the level of play, Gonstead adjustments can help improve flexibility, expand the range of motion, which enhances performance.  If there's a problem with the spine, it shows in the swing and the scorecard."

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