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Posted on 12-11-2009

A few weeks ago, two new patients came in who were both suffering from the same afflictions:  intense back pain and an unfounded fear of chiropractic treatment.

While I had never met these patients before, I've encountered others just like them many, many times.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to help alleviate their fears and their pain.

Throughout my two decades in practice, I've talked to hundreds of people about their reasons for delaying or avoiding a trip to the chiropractor.  One of the most common refrains is that they heard about a friend's unpleasant experience.

A bad dental experience, a botched tax return or an unflattering haircut do not keep most people from seeking a new dentist, a new accountant or a new hairdresser. The same rules should apply to chiropractors who have different methods, experience and adjustment techniques.  

Another common reason is a disbelief in chiropractic.  Chiropractic isn't a philosophy to be accepted or denied but a scientifically driven discipline. Most insurance companies cover chiropractic care for their subscribers, a true testament to the effectiveness of regular chiropractic care in preserving longevity and health.

On a more personal note, as a highly trained Gonstead practitioner, I pride myself on my expertise and gentleness. One of my patients, Justin Rose, is a professional golfer who earns millions each year on the PGA tour.  If he thought for one moment that he would suffer an injury that would impede his golf game, he wouldn't let me get within three feet of his spine.  Instead, I treat him regularly, despite the distance between us, and he considers the care he receives to be an integral part of his game.

If a professional golfer whose spinal health, flexibility and strength are critical to his success and financial future has faith in my care, you can trust me with your spine, too.

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