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Dr. Paula Sekeras, N.H.D., Ph.D. Nutrition Support

After a 21-year career in the U.S. Postal Service, Paula returned to college in 1999 to complete her education. Equipped with a degree from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2003, Paula embarked on a new venture as a natural health specialist and went on to earn four more degrees, including a Ph.D. in 2008, and certifications to become a Reiki practitioner.  Her devotion to natural health and healing led her to Frazetta Chiropractic in 2005, where she found a work environment ideal for her personal and professional wellness philosophies.

A firm believer in chiropractic for more than two decades, Dr. Paula's four years in the practice have led to a deeper appreciation of the power of regular adjustments, particularly the Gonstead techniques, and lifestyle management for maximum wellness. She has seen, first-hand, how lives have been changed.

In the practice, Dr. Paula regularly counsels clients on how to achieve body, mind and spiritual balance through holistic nutrition, supplements, herbal remedies and energy techniques. She also conducts health assessments that can illuminate nutritional deficiencies and works with patients to develop regimens to address them.

Her extensive studies and experience are a tremendous resource to clients interested in improving their health and quality of life.

Sandy Hosler, Office Manager

A registered nurse who graduated from West Penn Hospital in 1965, Sandy has worked extensively in the health care field, including stints at the Colorado Medical Center, Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and Allegheny Valley Hospital, among others. She joined Frazetta Chiropractic as a receptionist in 1997 and is instrumental in running this well-organized, patient-friendly practice.

12 years ago, Sandy joined Frazetta Chiropractic as office manager, which not only gave her a new career but, ultimately, relief from years of suffering from headaches and stomach ulcers after Dr. Mike identified corrected a subluxation in her upper spine that was causing nerve pressure

Regular chiropractic adjustments released the pressure and cured her headaches while natural enzymes eliminated the stomach ulcer and her reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to manage the pain. She credits Dr. Mike with greatly improving her quality of life, as well as those of many other patients.

Carol Frazetta, Insurance Specialist

As Dr. Mike's wife and partner, Carol Frazetta has been instrumental in the development and growth of Frazetta Chiropractic.

Born and raised in the south, Carol met Dr. Mike in Atlanta when he was a chiropractic student at Life Chiropractic College in the early 1990s. Following a one-year externship in Chicago, Carol and Mike located to Pennsylvania in 1993, where she was instrumental in helping Dr. Mike and his brother, Dr. Sebastian, set up their first practice in 1994 in Cheswick. Carol took a leave in 1995 to raise the couple's two children and, later, built a successful real estate business. She rejoined the practice in 2008.

Today, Carol manages the insurance billing for the growing practice and works to stay up-to-date on changes in the healthcare and insurance industries. Her work in the office, coupled with the health of her two children, who have received regular chiropractic care since birth, serve as daily reminders of the value of preventative care and the importance of the extraordinary work being done at the practice.

Carol has a true appreciation for living and working in Sarver and values the friendships that she has established since moving to the area in 2001.